Commercial Torquay Locksmiths

As Torquay locksmiths with extensive experience taking care of businesses' commercial locksmith needs, Coastal Locksmiths can work directly with businesses to ensure - and advise - their best security strategy using our locksmith services and products.

While an ideal security plan usually encompasses a combination of methods, here are just some of the ways we work to help keep businesses safe:

  • Security safe installations
  • Master keying
  • Security safe installations
  • Lock installation
  • Gate lock installation

With twenty years of experience in the locksmith trade, we are experienced working with a variety of workplaces like schools, retail stores, small to large businesses and government organisations.

It might interest you to know that we also stock products like electronic locks, digital door locks and finger print locks, appropriate for high security and government workplaces, as well as school locker locks.

Need a master key system set up? We will work with you to create - and install - a master keys Torquay system suitable to meet your business' needs. So if you need our services for your business in any way, please don't hesitate to call us on 03 5261 2822.

As well as our commercial locksmith services, we also offer residential locksmith and automobile locksmith services.