Master Keys Torquay

A way of increasing security to the locks in your home or business, a master keys system gives you control over your locks, even if others use them too.

So what exactly is a master key system?

A master keys system means that any business which has multiple levels of authority and wishes to maintain the separation of those levels can do so easily. For instance, a business with high staff turnover would benefit from a master key system, which would empower them to remove one single key from their key system without impacting the existing setup.

The benefits of a master keys system

Essentially, a master keys system is advantageous for both private and professional use, allowing some keys to grant access whilst restricting access to some parts. So, no matter what your requirements, we can design a master keys system which enables you to manage access to all areas.

Key Control

A Restricted Key is a key that cannot be duplicated unless authorised by the appropriate person. Coastal Locksmiths takes the responsibility to keep a record of all Restricted Keys cut for any system. This means that our customers can access details including the quantity cut, when they were cut and who authorised the cutting.


inline key

Generation Six – Coastal Locksmiths' current "Inline" key system is the Lockwood designed and manufactured "Generation Six". Lockwood Generation Six keys have a unique colour chip identifier to enable quick recognition of different levels of keys in a master key system. Lockwood Generation Six colour chip inserts are particularly useful in master key systems. There are a total of 12 colour options for the inserts which can be combined in the colour coded key identification scheme of your choice.

High Security

high security key

Lockwood Twin - Effective security of your premises depends largely on control of access to keys. The Lockwood Twin high security restricted keying system achieves a very high level of key control while also providing increased physical security over basic restricted keying systems.


  • Protected by Patents
  • High Security Keying System
  • Pick and Drill Protection
  • Colour Coded Key Inserts
  • Large Master Keying Capabilities

Restricted Key Identification

Lockwood Twin Key Lockwood Generation 6 Lockwood Status 6
restricted keys - lockwood lockwood generation 6 restricted key lockwood status 6

Coastal Locksmiths offers an efficient service for providing additional and replacement keys in the vast majority of cases. We have invested in very high tech key cutting machines to help ensure that any key we supply will be an accurate copy of the original and can be produced quickly.

Identifying the key

Normally, it is only possible for us to produce and supply replacement keys if you know the key number and system number. The majority of original keys carry the name Coastal Locksmiths or Detail Door Hardware and have the key number and system number stamped on the key head. Typically, the key number comprises letters and numerals.

Registered keys

Many of the locks that we sell have a unique key combination (or ‘key number'). Such keys can be registered with us to greatly reduce the risk of unauthorised duplicate keys being used to open the lock. Once a key number has been registered with us, only the specific individual authorised to order further keys may do so.

The charge

The charge will be dependent on the quantity of keys ordered and where the keys are to be delivered. Coastal Locksmiths sets its key cutting prices on or below current industry standards, and can be delivered to most destinations in Australia.


Restricted keys can only be ordered by property owners or authorised representatives acting on behalf of the owner (i.e: Body Corporate Mangers, Real Estate Agents). We require a written order for replacement keys, which should state the job location, key number, system number and the quantity required. This can be sent to us by fax, e-mail or post.

So if you think you could benefit from a master keys system, get in contact with us today.

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